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The Hyndburn Girls football event was held at Accrington Academy on a beautiful crisp cold afternoon. The event was a great success and to see 14 girls’ teams enter the event was fantastic. The teams were split into 4 groups and the top team from each group qualified to the semi-final. For 3 groups the top teams were very clear, Peel Park A, Peel Park B & Belthorn. However, the Group B Green Haworth & St Anne & St Josephs had to play penalties to decide on the groups winning team.

Green Haworth succeeded and qualified through to the semi finals playing the Peel Park A team, The Peel Park B team played Belthorn. Peel Park had a repeat of last year and both the A & B team were victorious in their games resulting a Peel Park A V B final.

The A team showed their talents and conceded 2 – 0. Therefore, going through to represent Hyndburn in Girls County Football competition is the Peel Park A team as our Hyndburn Champions.

At this event we had the brilliant Accrington Academy Girls Football team to assist with the running of the event and referring all our games, their knowledge of the game and confidence they demonstrated was great to see and gave some of the primary children an aspiration as role models. Huge thank you to those girls that helped!!!

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