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We had huge numbers of entries for this event with over 25 teams wishing to take part.  This meant that we had to split the event into a separate Hyndburn and Ribble Valley event to give all of the players enough playing time.

The Hyndburn event was held at Accrington Academy on Monday 11th Feb and was refereed by the students that are currently undertaking their FA qualification.  The competition was split into two groups with every team playing against every other team in the group.  The top two teams from each group went into the semi- finals whilst a few teams that were knocked out braved the cold to play some friendly games.

It was Peel Park, St Marys Clayton A, St Hubert’s and St Bart’s that topped their groups and qualified for the semi-finals.  All semi-finals ended up in 0 – 0 draws which meant the dreaded penalties that Peel Park and St Bart’s emerged victorious from.

This meant that Peel Park and St Bart’s met in the final.  It was an exciting game with plenty of opportunities that Peel Park capitalised on to emerge 2 – 0 winners.