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Last week students from a Year 7 French and a Year 10 Spanish class went on a Google Expedition to Paris and all around Spain. Students had the opportunity to enter the world of virtual reality whilst looking through a cardboard headset with a device connected to the Google Expeditions app. Pupils were amazed at being able to see the inside of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or be able to look at the gargoyles of Notre Dame in Paris. Being able to “take” students to places whilst still sitting in their seats is a fantastic way of engaging them in the wider world, and enhancing their cultural knowledge as well. Year 10 pupils were particularly excited to see places that they may visit in a future Barcelona trip – please see Mrs Broom or Miss Brady for more details about it.

Here is what our students thought of the experience:

“I enjoyed the Google expedition VR lesson as it was completely different to any other lesson that I have had. It made the lesson more interesting being able to see a 360 angle of any place in Spain made it intriguing. Normally VR experiences like these make me feel dizzy after a couple of minutes but with these I didn’t feel like that. The VR experience made me want to visit Spain as It made me want to see what it’s like in real life. My favourite part was going to the Camp Nou as I am a big football fan and think it’s one of the best stadiums in the world.”

Aaron – Year 10

“In my Spanish class, we used the google cardboards to go on a virtual visit to Spain. We visited a lot of interesting places like the Camp Nou, The Sagrada Familia and many more famous Spanish landmarks. I really enjoyed this experience as we got the opportunity to see a lot of famous places of interest that I may not have the chance to visit properly in my lifetime. I really liked visiting The Sagrada Familia as it really showed off the culture of Spain and I enjoyed visiting the streets of Barcelona. I disliked that you couldn’t walk around because your Google Cardboard kept you stationary. This virtual visit has really made me want to visit Madrid and Barcelona in the future to get the real take on the country as it would be a real opportunity.”

Charlotte A – Year 10

“On Wednesday, we did a Google Expedition for the last half an hour of our Spanish lesson. We went to Spain. What I liked about the Google Expedition was that you could see the detail of the different buildings and inside the buildings. Also, you could see what the street signs actually said on them. What I disliked about  the Google Expedition was that there were only certain places you could see within Spain. It made me feel like I understood the all the different reasons for the love of Spain. This experience has made me want to go Spain in the future. This is because I would like to visit the different buildings but, also so I can understand the culture of Spain. I believe that the culture of Spain is just as important as what the buildings look like. Finally, I think that the Google Expedition was a great experience because you could see all the different things that you can’t get in an image.”

Madison – Year 10

“When I first put on the Google cardboard I was surprised to see a grand gallery room with lots of different samples of art spread around the room. What I really liked about the sightseeing in Paris was that you could turn your head in all directions and see what else there was in that picture.”

India – Year 7

“Today,I went to France and this was followed by many trips to France’s landmarks.My trip starts of with me starting at La Gallerie des Glaces (The hall of mirrors). It had many mirrors and chandelier that are priceless. When I looked up,I saw a massive chandelier and personally that was quite frightening.

The next location was to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.There were many people in this location and some even climbed to the top of the Effiel Tower.It has over 2000 steps.When I looked in front or behind me,I could see cars and police every where.

The next picture was of a gargoyle on Notre Dame Cathedral.The rain that dripped on top of the building would then fall onto the gargoyle and drips from its mouth.This was a really amusing sight and I was quite surprised to see it in France.”

Anis – Year 7