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On Friday Year 12 went to Manchester for an Induction Trip. 

After being sorted into groups, we began our journey to Manchester on our given coaches. Once we arrived we were given a card labelled ‘clues’ along with a map of the city centre. 

The aim was to complete the first five tasks, which proved to be more challenging than anticipated! As a group we had to take photos outside the Museum of Science and Industry….finding it was the difficult part!! Another interesting task was to find a hotel related to ‘Batman’ and ask the name of the concierge outside. The length of time it took us to work this out is too embarrassing to admit! 

Nevertheless, the whole activity brought people together who wouldn’t normally interact. After the tasks were complete we got to spend an hour around Manchester, so my friends and I went for breakfast in a restaurant we found.

Once back at the Academy we have an indoor barbeque (Plan B thanks to the good old British weather!!) and spent time with the new people we had met.  

Kaitlyn Knight Year 12. 

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