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By Student Principal, Blake Barrett

A 6:30 wake up call to get the 7:30 train from Accrington to Preston was how our trip to London began. A group of six enthusiastic Fellows, suitcases in hand, headphones on and of course laptops in backpacks ready to utilise our time until we arrived at London Euston. Or at least that was the plan!

Arriving in London was an eye opener for some of us that hadn’t been to the capital before, however, we ‘politely’ excused ourselves through the crowds until we arrived at the Premier Inn to check in ready for a busy day ahead.

Dinner in Regents Park was definitely needed after our early start, however, we soon had to be at ‘ORTHOUSE’ Conference Centre for an afternoon with ‘2-3 Degrees’ a company created to motivate young people, to prepare them for University and life after and to spread the message to ‘Always bring the best you’. An inspirational afternoon led to some of the fellows rethinking the techniques and strategies to get to University and how they will present themselves going forward. This session ended with the fellows presenting their ideas on how they believe they can beat the gap that is currently stopping certain students from reaching University.

United Learning were very generous is giving the fellows a three-course meal at Covent Gardens, a wonderful end to an extremely productive day in London.

The London underground became our second home during the time we spent in London, and that is how our second day because with a tube to Kings Cross Station for a day at ‘Kings College University’. The day started with a seminar, which for some of the fellows was very useful as we were aware at university we would have them, however, did not know what they involved. The seminar was a debate based upon topics or social taboos that we think contribute to the rise in mental health issues within students. The seminar ended and we were then given a tour of one of the campuses and even some of the Labs which for fellows such as Morgan, wanting to study medicine, was very worthwhile and enjoyable.

Just like the London traffic, the day flew past and we had to leave early in order to catch our train home. A Costa stop and a bite to eat was all that we had time for before the ‘Virgin Pendalino’ arrived at platform 3.

The United Learning Fellowship is now complete and on behalf of all the fellows from Accrington Academy involved we couldn’t have benefited, enjoyed and learnt any more.

“Always Bring The Best You”.