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Accrington Academy students took a day off from the usual lessons for an ‘Every Child Matters’ Day (ECM) on Thursday 14th February. 

The aim of the day is to give students the opportunity to explore topics that they wouldn’t normally look at, developing new skills in the process. 

Year 7 took part in be healthy workshops. The day was split in 2 parts, 3 theory lesson in the morning and 2 practical lessons in the afternoon. Students looked at Nutrition and the effects of sugar. In the afternoon they took part in an inter-college challenge involving activities in the gym, dance and drama studios. 

The Year 8 session was acceptance. Students looked at British Values and how to embed them into everyday life. This included topics such as tolerance, democracy and acceptance of other peoples cultures and religious beliefs. We explored extreme behaviour with a focus on the action rather than the grouping. 

Year 9’s workshops explored aspirations and goals looking at jobs for the future, money skills and Unifrog.

Year 10’s focus was be safe. The students were visited by retired Prison Guard, Dennis who gave students an insight into prison life. The Lancashire Fire Service also delivered a wasted lives workshop, looking at the reasons people have Road Traffic Accidents and how to prevent these. 

The day was a resounding success thank you to all the students who worked extremely hard and our staff. Thank you to all our visitors who attended and gave up their time to deliver important workshops to our students. 

Ginny and Carly, Year 10 students will be on  2BR’s Breakfast show every hour between 6am and 11am on Monday. They will be talking about our ECM day and what they personally got our of their sessions.



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