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AS: Abbie Gaskill Solo.
After researching around the personality of Peter Pan, Abbie performed a solo looking into the Child-like personality, leadership qualities and finally the fear of a boy fighting against his nemesis Captain Hook. This was a three minute routine that Abbie had performed in front of a large audience as part of the performing arts awards ceremony in her preparation for exam nerves and performed a grade A performance in her final exam.

A2: Erika Fogg Group
Erika selected the exam question on inter-specific competition. She chose 5 performers from Years 7, 9, 10, 11 and an external dancer to perform as 2 hyenas, 2 lions and a gazelle. These were used to portray the fight in the wild for food, domination and space. They trained every Thursday for 5 months completing a 2 and a half minute performance in front of an examiner.

A2 Rhianna Group
Rhianna selected four dancers to make up her Zulu tribal warriors. She researched and choreographed a 3 minute dance based on the hunt for food, celebration and community dance. They rehearsed every Monday for 4 months and performed in front of an examiner.

A2 Solos
Both Erika and Rhianna researched around the famous choreographer and performer Mr Alvin Ailey. They looked at his stylistic qualities and professional works and performed a solo to ‘Listen’ by Beyoncé to highlight an African American woman’s struggle during the Civil Rights Movement.