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As Steve Jobs said creative people are more “able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things”. If we want to help our students grow into interesting, confident, well-rounded individuals, we know that creativity is key. 

Keeping creativity in the classroom can be challenging in itself but the reality is that developing imagination in ourselves and our students will also positively impact results! By making learning creative, we are fuelling passion for learning, encouraging resilience and increasing innovation.

Creativity is not something reserved for the Performing Arts. Already this year Mr Carmichael in Maths has explored algebra with year 8 by putting them in the position of spies breaking code, thus increasing engagement with a tricky topic and developing a new scheme for learning mixing academic content with creative delivery. Miss Swift in Science is working with year 9 students and Ribcaged Theatre Company to produce a performance about key scientists and their discoveries; not only is this helping year 9 students learn in science but the final performance will become a piece of Theatre in Education performed to Year 8 and 7 students to pass on this knowledge. 

Finally Mr Tong went back to his Btec Performing Arts roots by working with Frantic Assembly, possibly the UK’s biggest physical theatre company in a full day workshop. The work will lead to a further project involving our students and schools across Manchester as well as exploring new ways to learn in History.

For those of us who already work in the Arts, it’s incredibly exciting to be part of a school that so values creative education and recognises the impact it has on students!