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On Tuesday 10th February 2015 Accrington academy played host to a change for life celebration event. This was set up to reward the children who had taken part in the change for life clubs from September to December.

Children from St Johns Great Harwood and Clitheroe St James arrived at Accrington academy not knowing what they were going to be taking part in. All was explained and the children were really excited about the prospect of taking part in some Judo, having a go on the climbing wall and taking part in a treasure hunt around school.
The aim of the day was to allow children to take part in activities that they may not have had access before and to reward them for their efforts through out their participation in a change for life club run by their own school.

The children all seemed to have a great time and were rewarded by a certificate, a Disney change for life DVD and a free Judo session at Bredakwai Judo Academy held at Accrington academy.

A massive thank you must go to John Hope who delivered the judo session, Mr P Bateman who delivered the climbing wall session and thank you too the 6 young leaders from Accrington academy who was superb in assisting on the events.

Planning will now begin for the next celebration event.