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Today our Year 12 BTEC Sport students visited the Sports Science department at University of Salford. Students took part in two practical workshops throughout the day as well as researching some of the effects of exercise on the body. Students arrived at 10.30am and were shown around the incredible facilities down at the Frederick Rd Campus by Andrew Evans one of the leading lecturers at the University for Sport Psychology. Students then took part in their first workshop on force production and velocity linking to power affecting athletic performance. 

All students performed force production tests where we saw Matthew Shaw be named as the strongest person in the class, however when compared to relative weight, Josh Field ended up coming out on top. The students’ second workshop was a VO2 max demonstration by Steve Atkins. Josh Field was used as a subject in order to do this, and although the test was sub-maximal because of time and health restraints he managed to demonstrate a great athletic result. Students were able to analyse all of the data from the test just as a University Sport Science Undergraduate would do. Overall it was a great day out and has opened many of our students eyes to the fantastic facilities that Salford University has to offer.
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