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Unit 10 Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA)

Our BTEC sport group are completing the unit 10 for outdoor adventurous activities. There are two activities that we have to carry out in order to be able to complete the unit, one of these activities is mountain biking. Our teacher for unit 10, Mr Lowe organised a trip for us to be able to go mountain biking on several dates across the next two months. Every time we knew we had mounting biking we would get to Sixth Form earlier in the morning. We would meet outside the P.E office at 8.45am ready to go.

We got on the school mini-bus as we were heading for Witton Park where we would carry out the mountain biking for about an hour. During this time we would learn different skills and techniques that are involved in mountain biking. Obviously as expected the first thing was Mark, the instructor, learning all our names. I specifically remember one of the BTEC students Matt Shaw responding to Mark with “Yes, Matt” as he was asked his name. This now means that whenever we go mountain biking he bears the nickname “Yes Matt”. Before we headed out to get onto the mountain bikes there were some small factors that were of quite a big importance that we needed to know first. Having the seat the right height and the helmet on properly. I should have listened to Mark about the seat height as I woke up the next morning in excruciating pain in the wrong areas.

As we headed around the park for the first time the instructor taught us how to effectively use the gears and how we could use techniques like standing up on the bike when going downhill on rough terrain. This is something that we all enjoyed because one of the first things Mark said was when there is mud or rough patches with roots from the trees we should “hit them hard”. This was good for us being lads because we want to go as fast as we possibly could making the adrenaline rush feel much better as we go downhill. Although I think that Jack took this too seriously and within minutes nearly ended up in the canal beside the course.

Gradually each week we were learning more about how to utilize the bike and how to develop our skills on different parts of the course around the park. This gave Mr Lowe the chance to show off his biking skills, he showed us how to approach going down the hills because we all know he loves biking. I think that every time we went we built in confidence and begin to enjoy the experience much more, especially as this  was something we was able to do outside of Sixth Form. Overall I would say that all of the lads who went on the trip thoroughly enjoyed themselves because it gave us the chance to do something that we wouldn’t normally do and we look forward to the next time that we go mountain biking.

Ryan Phillips BTEC Sport Student