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The first task of British Science week was for year 9 students. They were challenged to build the best rocket, the one that would travel the furthest along a piece of string hung between the balconies on the street.  
Each team had £40 to spend on resources and had to choose what they would buy from the Rocket shop wisely. They then constructed their rockets and made their way to the science balcony to race their rockets!
Year 10 took part in the chandelier caper!  
They chose from 5 different methods of making a glue and the challenge was to see which glue could hold the most weight. Mrs Hodgson’s class made a glue from sweets that held 2.1kg!!!!
Year 7 have been challenged to make a lunar lander to safely land an egg on the surface of the moon…. Or from our balcony to the street. They tested the properties of materials before they chose what to use to build their lander. Building and launching will commence next lesson!
Year 8 became crime scene investigators! They attended a crime scene and took samples of ink, blood, fingerprints and boot prints. They learned about DNA, cross contamination and labelling the evidence.  Next time they will test their samples for DNA and run chromatograms of the ink.
We will keep you updated each day so look back to find out what else is going on this week………………………

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