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British_Army_LogoWhilst my time here is coming to an end at the Sixth Form I have been trying to pin point what I would like to do in the future, and it wasn’t until recently that I started to look into the Army. I soon realised if I obtain my A-levels it would mean I could apply to be an Officer. To join as an officer you need to be aged between 18-30 and have 35 ALIS point and 180 UCAS points at a minimum. After I sent my application I soon heard back that it was successful and I then followed up with a medical form and an over the phone discussion about which route I would like to take and why. 




Thidefence_medical_servicess then brought me to my first interview, my Army Careers Centre Interview with Major Stevenson which was one of the most intense situations I’ve ever been in. The interview started by me telling him the story of my life from birth up until today including any commitments I have to my general interests. However this was when it turned more difficult as I was asked questions such as “Who is the defence minister” and “What is the capital of Syria” both of which put me under extraneous pressure. However I still passed my interview and received some advice on how I performed. I am now awaiting my date for my Army Officer’s Selection Briefing at Westbury!

Connor Wickham
Student Principal 2015-2016
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