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23rd March 2016 saw our first annual Alumni Association dinner where all students since the conception of the Sixth Form were invited to share in a bit of tale-telling from times gone by! Hosted in the Academy Dining Room (just like the old days!), accompanied by nostalgic cuisine (spicy chicken burgers, brownies and flapjacks – potato balls were saved for next time!) and rousing speeches from current and former Student Principals, the evening was a roaring success, with representatives from every cohort through the Sixth Form. Elliott Neil, Alumni President 2015-16, sent his apologies and assures us his speech at the next one will be on point!

It was a great opportunity to hear stories of where life has taken our alumni since they moved on (even graduated from university!) and was inspiring for some of our current students to see where they could go. It was a nice chance for them to get some hands-on advice from students who were in their shoes not too long ago, applying for competitive courses and gaining places on prestigious work placements – Kamila Samin will be interning at Barclays in the financial district in London this summer!

 “I enjoyed the company of ex-students, being able to find out more about their experiences since leaving Sixth Form. I had an opportunity to promote and celebrate their achievements, wishing them continued good fortune. I would definitely encourage more students to come to the next alumni event as I can see the value of staying connected and giving something back when I leave. I liked listening to the speeches of past and present Principal Students and how the Academy has shaped their growth.” (Jenna Tate, current Y12 student)

Likewise, it was a great opportunity for Student Principal 2015-16, Connor Wickham, to speak to those who he is presently emulating. “The second alumni event went down a treat after our brilliant football match in the summer. It was great that so many ex-Academy students could attend – some even travelling back from across the country to get here! It was great to see a bunch of people all of whom have taken a variety of pathways in life to come together back at where it all started. The speech was nerve-wracking but it was nice to be able to tell people how the Sixth Form has changed since they left.”

We are very excited about the prospects for the Alumni Association and would encourage as many people as possible to sign up and keep up to date. Watch this space!