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11 primary schools would bring 10 key stage 1 pupils to Accrington Academy to take part in the Hyndburn animal Olympics. The children who attended took part in a circuit of events and games with points being awarded for completing the events in the correct way.

The events the children took part in was Monkey Madness (Agility Course), Hungry Hippos (Throw 3 bean bags into a basket), Ostrich Egg (Pass a rugby ball in a line over/under), Slithering Snakes (Dribble a ball through cones using a Hockey Stick), Skippy the bush kangaroo (Skipping), Bunny Bounce (Jump 10 times over a speed bounce), Busy Bees (balance a tennis ball on a racquet) and Cheetah Sprints (Sprints under 10 seconds). All the children would do each event.

The points was added up with the following teams finishing in the top 3:-

  1. Peel Park Panthers – 248 Points
  2.  Electric Elephants from St Marys Clayton – 212 Points
  3. Baxenden Best Busy Bees – 198 points

Well Done to everyone involved. Thank You to Accrington Academy Leaders for running the events.