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Rishton nurse Elisabeth Devey helped raise awareness about the early identification of brain tumours when she gave two special assemblies at Accrington Academy on Thursday and Friday (2nd/3rd March.)

Elisabeth, a post-natal nurse at Burnley, has already raised over £10,000 to help tackle the disease, after her friend was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She has now teamed up with the Brain Tumour Charity and its HeadSmart campaign, helping to raise awareness of the common signs and symptoms of a brain tumour in children and young people by equipping parents, the public and healthcare professionals with the information they need.

She now aims to raise even more, launching a new ’10p’ fundraising challenge during her visits to Accrington Academy.

Explained Elisabeth:

“The aim of the 10p challenge is to get over a million people aware of the HeadSmart campaign, asking everyone to donate just 10p each towards the scheme. This will not only raise awareness about the early identification of brain tumours, but will also help raise much-needed funds for this lifesaving work.”

Added Accrington Academy Principal Andrew O’Brien:

“We’re only too pleased to help support Elisabeth with this incredibly important work and are also grateful to her for sharing lifesaving tips with students and staff about the early identification of brain tumours.”

For further information about the HeadSmart campaign, visit