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Student Leader

As well as being academically successful we want students to leave the Academy as confident, responsible and active members of their community. We refer to this as ‘Academy Character’. We aim to develop and promote this in as many ways as possible with opportunities to lead being key.

There are a number of ways we do this:

College Councils. Made up of student elected representatives, college councils actively discuss and work on issues to improve the Academy, their college and the local community. They are the driving force behind the outstanding charity work each college does weekly. They make sure the inter-college competitions are hotly contested each term. 

Students Executive – The students executive go through a rigorous recruitment and training programme to ensure they represent the Academy and its students at the highest level. As the pinnacle of our student leaders they are regularly working with senior leaders on helping to shape the direction of our school.

Subject Leaders – Ranging from captains to subject award leaders, students are actively involved in supporting subjects in a wide range of ways. You will see students running primary school sports competitions, helping each other with iPads at the genius bar or running our own awards schemes. Whatever a students interest/skill, they have the opportunity to lead.

Peer Mentoring – Everyone a mentor is an ambition that we are currently working on. A large number of Academy students have been trained as peer mentors or tutors. In form time, lessons and after school you will see many students working and supporting each other.

Work in the community –  Ranging from work placements, police ambassadors and termly community events, our students are actively encouraged to become a leader in their community.  




Student Principal

There are always various events and activities happening, so there is something here for each and every student to get involved in to bring out the best in everyone.

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