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Pastoral Welfare

Accrington Academy is committed to seeing every student succeed through an inspiring and fulfilling education.  We are passionate about our students and their education and are driven by the desire to continuously improve, within a caring and supportive ‘learning community’.

Our students pastoral journey begins long before they join us in Year 7 via our strong links to primary schools, our proactive involvement, through extended transitional arrangements and summer school programme.

Accrington Academy is well known for providing excellent pastoral care delivered through a college based system for Year 7 – 11 and continue to build on this established reputation under the mantle of Every Child Matters philosophy.  

Meet the Pastoral Team

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Directors of College

College Directors head up the college system and are the primary point of contact for parents and carers. Directors provide pastoral support to students from a mentoring perspective and promote peer mentoring throughout the Academy. The Directors of College are located in two offices at the top of the stairs located in ‘The Street’ area,  there is always a Director on hand to talk to, advise and mentor students on a range of different issues.

Directors of College get to know students from transition and follow the journey of each student through their time at the Academy.

The college system allows the communication about and knowledge of a student, their journey and their achievements to be retained within the college system.

Other benefits include:

  • Promoting a sense of belonging
  • Integration between years
  • Providing a mechanism for peer support
  • Developing a sense of competition and team work

Parents wanting to contact the school about their child you should contact their child’s Director of College in the first instance, who will be able to deal with the query or direct it to the most appropriate member of staff. 

Students are allocated to colleges during the transition period and all is revealed during Transition Evening when all Year 6 pupils and their Parents/Carers come to the Academy for a special event. In order to ease communication every attempt is made to place siblings in the same college.  Each college has its own colour tie which students wear with pride.

Mrs R. Mooney

Director of College

Mrs J. Eccles

Director of College

Miss K. Irvine

Director of College

Mr M. Brindle

Director of College
Form Tutors

At Accrington Academy we operate a ‘Vertical’ tutoring system whereby each College has seven mixed year form groups and two year 11 forms each with its own form tutor.  Throughout Years 7 – 10 students stay in the same form group and move up together through the school with the same form tutor until Year 10.  Form tutors are a student’s first point of contact for support during the school day.

Our Year 11 tutors offer bespoke mentoring and support for students leading up to their GCSEs allowing intervention work during registration to focus on the key areas of Maths, English and Science.   

The Progress Room

The Academy has set the aim that all students will experience ‘disruption free learning every minute of every lesson’. A three tiered intervention strategy known as the ‘Consequence’ system has been set up to enforce this target. When a student receives a C3 they are removed from the classroom and spend the next five lessons working in the Progress Room. When a student is referred to the Progress Room a significant part of time is spent discussing the C3 incident, looking at how it could have been prevented and setting up strategies to avoid a repeat occurrence. A restore meeting is also held between staff and student before they return to the lesson. The remaining time is spent working on Maths, English and Science.

The Date Room

At Accrington Academy we believe every child matters and as such have a unique approach to behaviour management.  The Date Room offers a direct alternative to fixed term exclusion and is attended by those students who might otherwise be excluded from mainstream school.  Our Date Room Manager provides mentoring and one to one support for students who need additional support with behavioural issues affecting their learning.

Hub Plus

At the Academy we understand that not all children are the same and take pride in knowing our students as individuals. We recognise that sometimes some students may need something a bit different in order to achieve their potential.  Hub Plus is designed to provide a bespoke curriculum dependant on a student need.  Hub Plus builds the curriculum around the individual student providing an alternative curriculum for students who have particular needs, where standard mainstream curriculum is not suitable or is not working for them.

Health and Wellbeing

The Academy employs a senior first aider who is supported by trained first aiders throughout the school. The team is equipped to provide first line triage and assessment of illness or injury to determine if further medical intervention may be required or whether treatment is within a first aiders remit.

Lancashire County Council supports the school by providing access to a School Nurse whose primary role is health education. The School Nurse plays an active part in our ECM Day programme focussing on health and wellbeing by providing focused session and topical issues for example, Year 9 workshops on mental health. Parents can access the School Nurse via a messaging service and arrange to meet.   

ChatHealth, the school nurse messaging service, is confidential and available Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.45pm.  You can message for advice on all kinds of health issues, like sexual health, relationships, emotional health and wellbeing, bullying, healthy eating and any general health concerns. You can still get in touch with the school nurse in the same way as you might have done before, if you prefer.

The text number is 07507 330510

This year the school will be taking part again in the School Heath Needs Assessment (SHNA) in partnership with the school nurse teams for Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust. This is a really helpful way to better understand and respond to the health and well-being needs of children and young people in the school and also for additional support to be offered if needed. As part of the process, pupils in Year 9 will complete a questionnaire about health and well-being.

The majority of schools in Lancashire are involved in this and last year over 20,000 children and young people took part! If you would like to know more about this the school nurse team will be happy to tell you more.

Jo Barclay – School Nurse
Email :
Tel: 01254 283960