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Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre is popular, well used, comfortable and attractive. It is open throughout the school day and provides a supportive area to learn with a friendly and caring librarian. With a constantly updated collection of material to support school learning and help stimulate and develop new interests and create a love of reading, the Learning Resource Centre is a popular area for all.

The Learning Resource Centre is more than just books. It is an oasis of calm in the hectic timetable of a normal school day. Students can come into the LRC to read quietly, complete homework, research topics, or just sit quietly and chill before moving on to the next lesson.

The LRC is open

Monday – Friday 8.15am – 3.45 pm

The LRC offers the use of computers, printing and book loans. There is always somebody on hand to advise, help with homework and make suggestions for good reads.

We hold many events over the academic year including several author visits such as Cathy Cassidy, Dick and Dom, Sophie McKenzie, Cathy Hopkins just to name a few. We have competitions, quizzes and also celebrate World Book Day. We have also taken part in the Lancashire Book of the Year Awards and we are shadowing the 2016 selection – see below for further details.

The winner of the 2016 Lancashire Book of the Year is-

Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne

See below for more details about the Lancashire Book of the Year.

Miss D. Pollard

Miss D. Pollard

LRC Manager

I started to work in Libraries at the age of 16. When I had my children, initially I found it very difficult to find childcare but then an opportunity arose at Norden High school for me to redesign the LRC and make it a thriving environment for the pupils. My main motive is to get the children to read,  anybody who says they don’t like reading is an insult to me so I never give up on them. I always try my hardest to persuade them to try new authors and different genre, generally 9 times out of 10 I get a positive reaction and they take the initiative to read their own choice.

Charlotte Whewell Year 7

“I said to Miss Pollard that I don’t like reading. She decided to find me a book to try as I said I sort of like mysteries. I really enjoyed  it and she has got me reading. I have read the first book of a triology and I have now started the second book”

Year 7 Millionaires

  • Mohammed Ali year 7 over 4 million words
  • Fiaza Azim year 7 over 1 million words
  • Amelia Foston over 1 million words
  • Alishiba Naheem over 4 million words
  • Malika Zaheer over 2 million words
  • Mohammed Haseeb over 1 million
  • Mohammed Malik over 1 million
  • Keira Smith over  1 million words
  • Samuel Cristoforo over 1 million words
  • Alishba Shazad over 1 million  words

Year 8 Millionaires

  • Halle Carnell over 2 million
  • Louise Heron over 3 million
  • Chloe Sargeson over 1 million words
  • Sana Azam over 1 million words
  • Thomas Pickup over 1 million words
  • Aqeel Hassan over 1 million words
  • Sarah Shazad over 1 million words

Millionaire Club

This is our newest millionaire student in Year 7. She has read and been quizzed on 23 book and has read 1,010,024 words. Her favourite book is ‘missing me’ which is part of the Sophie McKenzie Trilogy, she also enjoys scary books.

Millionaire Club

This is our newest Year 8 Millionaire, she likes to read larger books so has taken her less books to reach this achievement. She has read 16 books totalling 1,380,398 words.

Millionaire Club

This is Accrington Academy is the 1st pupil in the year to become a Millionaire…

He has read and been quizzed on 16 books and read a total of 1,000,432 words which is a fantastic achievement for the year 7 pupil.

He is our 1st Millionaire and has received a £10.00 voucher for WHS.

Millionaire Club

A Year 9 student who has read over 1 million words!

Millionaire Club

This is one of our year 7 students , she has read over 4 million words and taken 111 quizzes on Accelerated reading!

Millionaire Club

This student made it his aim to become a millionaire in Year 7 and has achieved this aim within half the year. He completed this by reading all the Harry Potter books.

Author Visits

Sophie Mckenzie

Sophie Mckenzie

Children's Book Author

Sophie McKenzie came to Accrington Academy to talk about her new books ‘Girl Missing’ there were over 250 children who attended this event and some lucky girls got to have lunch with Sophie. 

Here are some of her books:


Jonathon Meres

Jonathon Meres

Childrens Book Author and Actor

Jonathan Meres came to Accrington Academy to talk about his new book ‘The world of Norm’ Jonathan was a really funny author and had the audience gripped with his tales. This was one of the best authors we have seen at The Academy.

We hope that he will come back soon!

Some of Jonathon’s books are:


Jessica Ennis Hill

Jessica Ennis Hill

Elite Athlete and Author

We went to Silverdell Bookshop in Kirkham to meet her, she was lovely and signed everybody’s book of her biography with a smile.

Books include:

Unbelievable – From My Childhood Dreams To Winning Olympic Gold

Will Mabbitt

Will Mabbitt

Children's Book Author

This is author Will Mabbitt with Accrington Academy student ‘Callum Gilsenan’ who visited us in February 2016.

Will came to talk to over 200 pupils from various primary schools about his new books ‘Mabel Jones’ adventures.

Books by Will:

The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones – Mabel Jones and the Forbidden City – Mabel Jones and the Doomsday Book

Dick and Dom

Dick and Dom

Childrens Presenters and Authors

Here is a picture from when Dick and Dom came to visit Accrington Academy  in March 2013. Over 240 school children attended this event.

Books include:

Dick and Dom’s Slightly Naughty but Very Silly WordsDick and Dom’s Big Fat and Very Silly Joke BookDick and Dom’s Christmas Jokes, Nuts and Stuffing!

Simon Mayle

Simon Mayle

Children's Book Author

This is author of the Shouty Kid books Simon Mayle who visited the academy in 2015. He talked to the children about his ideas of writing books and where he gets them from.

Some of Simon’s Books:

From the Shouty Kids Range:  How Harry Riddles Totally Went Wild – How Harry Riddles Got Nearly Almost Famous – How Harry Riddles Made a Mega-amazing Zombie Movie


The Lancashire Book Of The Year Award

Students are taking part in the shadowing of ‘The Lancashire Book of the Year Awards 2016’

The students will read 8 books and review each one with marks out of 10, these reviews all go to choosing which will be the winner of 2016.

The books chosen are all from very different genres and some are not what the students would normally choose to read, although it is helping them choose different authors and hopefully widen their options when choosing books for themselves.

Lancashire Book of the Year Visit the website to learn more.

Our best rated books reviewed by our panel so far are:

Flesh and Blood- Simon Cheshire
One – Sarah Crossan


The 100 Society
by Carla Spradbery

A Little in Love by Susan Fletcher

A Little in Love
by Susan Fletcher

Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne

Am I Normal Yet?
by Holly Bourne

Bomb by Sarah Mussi

by Sarah Mussi

Flesh and Blood by Simon Cheshire

Flesh and Blood
by Simon Cheshire

Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell

Frozen Charlotte
by Alex Bell

Jekyll's Mirror by William Hussey

Jekyll’s Mirror
by William Hussey

My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend by Eleanor Wood

My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend
by Eleanor Wood

One of Us by Jeannie Waudby

One of Us
by Jeannie Waudby

One by Sarah Crossan

by Sarah Crossan

13 Days of Midnight by Leo Hunt

13 Days of Midnight
by Leo Hunt

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