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Attendance is outstanding at Accrington Academy!
At Accrington Academy we take attendance extremely seriously and have implemented the ‘AIA Project’ (Attendance Improvement at Accrington Academy). We are all working together to ensure that students achieve their maximum academic potential as it is well established that attendance is directly linked to academic results.
Pupils say that they like coming to school. Accordingly, they behave well and attend regularly.
Ofsted 2018  
It is very important that your child attends school regularly, a poor attendance can seriously affect your child’s education. 97% and above is ideal, 94-96.9% is a cause for concern, 90-93.9% means your child is at risk of underachievement, 80-89.9% indicates that there is a severe risk of underachievement and anything less than this could be of extreme concern.
All students should arrive at the Academy by 8:45am for registration. This is where their morning mark will be generated. It is therefore essential that students arrive at the Academy on time in order to avoid a missed mark. If we still have no reason for absence by around 10:30 am a text message will be sent to your mobile* or home phone to inform you that your child is not arrived at the Academy.
If your child is unable to attend the Academy, it is vital that you ring at the earliest opportunity. The Academy telephone number is 01254 304300, select option 2 and you will have the option to leave a message. Please ensure you leave a clear message detailing your child’s name, form group and the reason for their absence. Please also identify your relationship to the student whom you are calling for.

If your child is  unwell- In most cases a telephone call or a note from the parent informing the school that their child is ill will be acceptable. Parents may be asked to provide medical evidence where there are repeated absences due to reported illness. This will usually be in the form of an appointment card, prescription etc.

* Please ensure that we have accurate contact details in case of any emergency, especially if you change your mobile.
Please read the following which has been taken directly from our Attendance Policy.
3.9 Leave of Absence Parents do not have an automatic right to remove their child from the Academy during term time for the purpose of a holiday. Students can only be granted a Leave of Absence for exceptional circumstances.
3.9.1Parents wishing to take their child out of the Academy during term time for exceptional circumstances must complete a written request to the Principal before arrangements are made. The leave of absence form can be requested from the Attendance manager Joanne Wissett, Tel: 01254 304300 ext 331.
3.9.2 All requests for leave of absence will be responded to in writing. Where a request has been granted the letter should state:
The expected date of return
That parents must contact the Academy should any delays occur
That the child’s place may be withdrawn if the family do not return as expected
3.9.3 If a student fails to return and contact with the parents has not been made or received, the Academy may take the student off the Academy’s roll in compliance with the Education (Student Registration) (England) Regulations 2006. This means that the child will lose their Academy place. The Academy will notify the Authority Children missing in Education (CME) team to assist in making contact with the family before removing the student from role.
3.9.4 If the permission to take leave is not granted and the student still takes leave, the absence will be unauthorised. In such cases the Academy will issue a Penalty Notice.

For your reference a copy of the full Attendance Policy can be downloaded here >

Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy