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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding is additional funding received by schools to help them raise the attainment of students who are underachieving. 

The funding is allocated to schools based on the number of students in school who fall into the following categories:

  • Students in receipt of free school meals or those who have received Free School Meals within the last 6 years
  • Children in care or adopted from care.
  • Children of parents in the armed forces

For each student in the above categories, the school expects to receive £935 (in 2015/16). Students who are in care receive a higher amount and this is managed by local authorities.

The Academy is required to conduct an annual census of students to determine which students are in the Pupil Premium categories and to determine the amount of funding to be allocated to them.  They also receive information form the Local Authority at time of admission and is required to publish details of how much Pupil Premium funding they receive, how it is used and what impact it is having on the progress students to parents and carers annually.

Schools are able to determine how the funding is spent to best support the students in their school in order to raise which best helps them to close the gap in attainment between students and their peers. In line with the schools mission the Accrington Academy directs its Pupil Premium funding to four key priorities:

  1. Achieving Beyond Expectation
  2. Supporting Students Well-being and Behaviour
  3. Every Learning experience outstanding
  4. Supporting Parents

Progress of students who have attracted Pupil Premium funding is regularly monitored and communicated to parents via the termly reports. Details of how the funding is used in school is provided below.  Full details of how the Academy uses Pupil Premium funding to support its students can be found in our Pupil Premium Policy.

Who to contact

Parents/carers wishing to check to ensure the school is receiving Pupil Premium funding on behalf of their child can email or telephone 01254 304300 and ask to speak to Mr Dalton-Bunker.

Parents who wish to speak to a member of staff about the progress of their child should in the first instance a contact their child’s  Head of College

In 2017/18 Accrington Academy received £357,646 Pupil Premium funding for 403 students on role which equates to 35% of the main Academy cohort.  Our interventions programme for underachieving students is constantly monitored and amended for best effect and based on the particular needs of the cohort.  We employ a range of intervention strategies which will include a Summer Academy Programme at the end the 2017 Academy year and the beginning of the new academic year 2018.

In 2017/18 we plan to spend the funding in the following way:

  • Additional support in key subjects, particularly in English and Maths, allowing for smaller class sizes
  • Numeracy and Literacy Catch up provision.
  • Enrichment activities for students in year 7 and Year 8.
  • Subsidised iPads to allow an additional teaching resource for both the classroom and homework. 
  • Subsidised books/materials.  
  • Cases of hardship which impact on learning will also be considered on an individual basis

The next review of the Impact of Pupil Premium performance will be undertaken as part of the T3 United Learning meeting in the summer term and through a full independent review in the summer term.

Pupil Premium Plan 2017/18

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Pupil Premium Impact Statement 16-17

Pupil Premium Plan Summary 2015-16

Pupil Premium Plan Summary 2015-16

Andrew Dalton-Bunker | Pupil Premium Coordinator

Pupil Premium Coordinator  – my role is to ensure that all our Pupil Premium students make outstanding progress. A core part of this is working with teachers to make sure the activities we provide are high quality and meet students’ needs.

A copy of our Pupil Premium policy can be downloaded here.

Pupil Premium Policy

Pupil Premium Policy