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A message from the Headteacher 

Accrington Academy has a mission statement to bring out ‘The best in everyone’ for each and every student. As the Headteacher, I believe in the quotation that ‘Children’s learning is not a rehearsal’ and as a result I expect all staff here at Accrington Academy to treat our students as if they were our own children.

Accrington Academy is aiming to deliver outstanding education with excellent exam results combined with superb extra curricular opportunities that makes school come to life for our students. We believe in education with character. 

I am excited by the opportunities for our children. It is a wonderful school with passionate staff who always go the ‘extra mile’,  Ofsted stated that we are creating students who are ‘aspirational, confident and outward looking’ and commented on the ‘warmth and vibrancy’ here at Accrington Academy. Students here are known as individuals and are well cared for. This combined with our focus on academic excellence has made us a school of choice for our community. 

Please feel free to visit us anytime.

Mr J Kerfoot – Headteacher

In May 2018 OFSTED identified that we were a good school. The cornerstone of our success is that students enjoy school. 


Students’ attitudes to learning are positive. Students want to do well at the academy



At Accrington Academy you will find a vibrant, happy and successful environment, delivering the highest standards of education and nurturing individual’s talents and skills. I am also proud to point to the many successes our students have in extracurricular and extended learning opportunities. We aim to ensure that all our students become “experts” in at least one activity. Our efforts are paying off.  Once again I look forward knowing that our students will continue this journey of excellence and we are well on target to surpass these results in summer 2019. At Accrington Academy each individual is supported and challenged to ensure they achieve their personal best. I also believe that the only real way to see our school is to visit. I hope to see you at one of our many events, an open evening or simply on a look around. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with further queries.