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On Monday 14th November Accrington Academy hosted 16 teams in the annual Hyndburn schools Basketball competition, four players made up a team with players scoring 2 points if the ball successfully went in the basket with 1 point being awarded for hitting the rim or backboard.

Group A saw St Bartholomew’s B finish top after winning their 3 games 9-4, 11-3 and 10-2, joining them in the next round were St Nicholas who won 2 of their games 8-2 and 10-1, All Saints A  finished 3rd in the group with St Anne’s and St Joseph’s B finishing 4th. Group B  saw St Marys Oswaldtwistle A finish top after winning their games 14-3, 10-2 and 15-5. All Saints B finished 2nd winning 2 of their games 15-1 and 7-6 leaving Springhill in 3rd and St Anne & St Joseph’s C in 4th Place. Benjamin Hargreaves A topped Group C winning 3 out of 3 games 11-3, 9-6 and 19-0, Peel Park A finished in 2nd place in the group winning 2 of their games 10-0 and 9-6 leaving St Marys Oswaldtwistle B in third place and All Saints C in 4th Place. St Bartholomew’s A topped group D after winning 3 of their games 10-1, 19-0 and 6-1, Peel Park B finished 2nd winning 2 of their 3 games 10-0 and 12-4.

The knockout stages saw St Bartholomew’s B defeat All Saints B 9-4 to face St Marys Oswaldtwistle A who beat St Nicholas 13-2. The other quarter finals saw Benjamin Hargreaves A beat Peel Park B 11-2 to set up a semi-final match against St Bartholomew’s A who beat Peel Park A 5-4. In the semi finals  St Bartholomew’s B and St Marys Oswaldtwistle A drew 8-8 after full time but in extra time it was St Marys Oswaldtwistle who won 2-1 making the final score 10-9. The second semi-final saw St Bartholomew’s A beat Benjamin Hargreaves A 10-4. In the final  St Bartholomew’s A beat St Marys Oswaldtwistle A 7-5 and  Benjamin Hargreaves beat St Bartholomew’s B 7-5.

Thank you to Accrington Academy Basketball Squad for doing all the officiating.