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On Saturday 30th April our Health & Social Care students had the unique opportunity to visit the theatre at The Royal, Blackburn Hospital. They came into the Academy at 8am (on a Saturday no less!) and then had an inspiring morning working with junior doctors and people from the nursing profession.

Becky Gibson, Year 12 student commented, “This was a great experience and I learned a lot from the day. I had never previously considered going into the theatre side of health care but how they explained patient care and each individual stage of the patient visit was inspiring. The professionals showed us how keyhole surgery is done and how to use a trachea in surgery. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

The partnership with The Royal, Blackburn, is only going to get more exciting in the future as we are looking to be involved with more taster days in the following areas in July and beyond: Pathology, Pharmacy, Audiology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Accident & Emergency, Intensive Care & Midwifery.

“Actually getting to speak to the nurses and surgeons and asking how they got to where they are now was really important for me. They were very welcoming and I gained a clear understanding about their qualifications and what an ODP is. Before we left, they gave us a booklet of facts and the information about routes into becoming a nurse, trainee surgeon, theatre assistant and other healthcare jobs. I loved it!” (Mesha Ingham-Francis, Year 12 student)

We are excited that this partnership and how it will benefit Accrington Academy students in the next few months and years.