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Sixth Form Results


In the Sixth Form, we continue to see students perform in the top 9% of schools across the country, as a result of high achievement more of our students continue to move onto their first choice universities. An astonishing 28 of our Year 13 students achieved 3 x A*/A grades. We are extremely proud of our focus on the whole child and the fact that young people at Accrington Academy are well rounded individuals who are given the opportunity to be the best they can be in whatever area or subject they have an aptitude for.


A Level Results 2015-2016


A* - A


A* - C


A* - E

3 Year T-Score for ALPS is RED – Top 25% nationally

ALPS is the nationally recognised Value Added Performance Indicator. This ranks schools and colleges from across the country in how well they move students from their starting point (GCSE Average Score) to their finishing point (A-A-Level or BTEC Score). Accrington Academy Sixth Form has been in the top 25% in the whole country for the last 3 years – known as a 3-year Red T-Score. 

Key Performance Indicators

There has been a steady rise in performance at almost every key performance indicator. This has led to consistently being above national average for all areas. (The slight dips in 2015 are due to some students studying less than 4 AS Levels and larger cohorts).

APS per whole596687725708
APS per student190220244235

PANDA Report

These extracts from the PANDA Report show that performance in A-Level and Vocational subjects was statistically significantly above the national average. This includes the fact that no student on a vocational course failed to achieve a merit in at least one of their areas of study.

Value Added Report

This excerpt from the Level 3 Value Added Report shows that the Sixth Form is statistically well above the national average in terms of value added (this is the national measuring tool). This is significantly positive. 

2015 Roll of Honour

The following students achieved fantastic results and are a real credit to the school and their families.

NameA Level and BTEC Results
Jack HambleyA*BB (Maths, Chemistry, Physics)
Hannah WilsonAAB (English, Ethics, Psychology)
Thomas NeilA*BB (Ethics, English, Maths)
Ben JacksonABB (Psychology, Maths, Media)
Max WhittleAAB (Law, Maths, Physics)
Amber PrestageAAA (English, Law, History)
Mehvish ManshaAAA (Ethics, Law, Maths)
Daniel RavenA*A*C (Business, Maths, Economics)
Elicha ScottD*D*D* (CPLD)
Chloe MoranteD*D*D* (Health & Social Care)
Dylan FeeD*D*D* (Health & Social Care)
Shannon CuddihyD*D*D* (Health & Social Care)
Amy KenworthyD*D*D* (Health & Social Care)
Emma DuckettD*D*D* (Health & Social Care)
Amy BartonD*D*D* (Health & Social Care)
Charlotte LonsdaleD*D*D* (Sport)
Chris DwyerD*D*D* (Sport)
Bennet HawkinsD*D*D* (Sport)
Jordan KellettD*D*D* (Sport)
Connor DemainD*D*D* (Sport)
Connor McCarthyD*D*D* (Sport)
Danny MiddletonD*D*D* (Sport)
Harry HighamD*D*D* (Sport)
Harrison GreenwoodD*D*D* (Sport)
Connor BeckettD*D*D* (Sport)